Argyle Plumbing Company 

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  Bernard's Argyle Plumbing Company                   
has been committed to quality plumbing repairs since 1994. Founded by Danny Cobb II , a credentialed plumber with a Masters plumbing license, Bernard's Argyle plumbing company has always used proven plumbing techniques to repair your home or business. Bernard believed that, although many plumbers did an admirable job in the field, many homeowners did not receive the traditional benefits of having a local plumber . Many plumbing companies don't respond to the Argyle customer as fast as they should because of the distance from their plumbing shop. He believed that a plumbing companies location needed to be the foundation of their service area. Danny Cobb II named the company after his deceased father Bernard and has tried to keep his image of a plumbing company that serves its customers as neighbors should be served with pride and dignity.

All of our plumbers subscribe to the same philosophy. Our plumbers are experienced and go through a rigorous screening process before joining our team serving Argyle. Our licensed plumbers are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing situations. Bernard's Argyle plumbing company is also available for FREE ESTIMATES Monday thru Friday.


4100 hide-a-way lane
Flower Mound, TX 75022
Master lic.35932

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